Thing Thing Arena 2, 3, and 4, are all part of the fast paced flash game shooting series that is Thing Thing Arena. Thing Thing Arena is a stylized shooting game with multiple weapons, levels, and levels of customization. The graphics in Thing Thing Arena are some of the best that have ever been seen in any flash game. This is one of those rare flash games that feels completely natural; even down to dropping your current weapon and picking up a new one feels fluid and easy. The goal of the game is to see how long you can survive without being gunned down by randomly spawning enemies. Luckily, you are surrounded by an abundance of ammo, and you have sweet moves that let you flip and do cool tricks midair! I don't think your enemies can top that. How long did you survive before dying? Let us know in the comments below if you think you did better than us! Thank you for visiting, please share it with your friends!
Thing Thing Arena 3 is created by Crazy Monkey Games and is featured on Scumlabs; thank you to our supporters.


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